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My journey in the world of Products in various industries ranging from Chemicals, FMCG, F&B , Ed-tech , Web3, Metaverse ++

Currently VP Products, MyClassroom

Merger/partnership between YSchool and Myclassroom since 2022

CEO, Yschool -Blended Learning for K-12

Yschool is a K-12 education company with presence across 10 locations around the country , an Android and iOS app with >100K downloads. We merged our product and operations with Myclassroom in 2022.

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Product leadership in a hybrid ecosystem

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Disruptive Innovation & Stage Gate in PepsiCo

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New Tech and Product Roll-Outs in Unilever

Skip Brand 

Process, Data and Automation Controls at IOC

Gujarat Refinery 

Straight from my notebook

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I write about education, science, fiction, business, blockchain, NFTs, future of tech and productivity.

Recent release
"The Reboot"

Read the story of the humans of this planet and how they collaborate to save mother earth

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Introducing ML to solve the 2-sigma problem

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The Prodigal educationalist returns

Emotion behind Yschool  

Read my take on
NFTs , its history and the impact it has on the world.

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Warp Speed and Attention Gate Model

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My take on 
"the War of Art"
by Steven Pressfield

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Beyond Work & Writing

Actor, Author, and an NFT Artist

Attempt to nurture my creative side by participation in multiple initiatives such as theatre, art, travel and beyond. 

"Passing Bye"

Watch a short story of a martyr on Valentine's Day 

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